What is it?

Graphic design

We will be able to follow and transform your idea into something that will arouse emotions, following step by step all the phases of the project, from the initial idea, continuing with / through the realization, up to the final print.

Every completed project is a goal for us, especially when we see you satisfied with the work done.

Listening is the strength we want and we try to keep it that way every day. Giving space and listening to the needs and opinions of customers is essential, because we think that everyone has their own idea, but by relying on MB your idea can be realized!
One of our prerogatives is to have a young, fresh, creative and enterprising mentality.

It often happens that many of our friends always tell us: “stop talking about work, let’s enjoy the weekend!”. However, it is thanks to the daily confrontation we have with friends and relatives, telling about our projects, that we are able to obtain valuable opinions, if not even a new idea!

Image is important.

you are not

To make you remember


We create your personalized business cards with your company graphics.

In what format? In the format that best suits your needs!

This will be your first tool that you will use to introduce yourself at business meetings, client meetings, trade shows, etc.

To be recognized


The main purpose of a coordinated image is to be recognized by
a specific audience.

The basic corporate identity includes: business cards, envelope, letterhead.

For your products

Let's think about
a catalog.

One of the ways to present your products to customers, albeit long-standing, remains the printed catalog.

Delivering your own catalog to the customer is always effective because he can “touch” your products / services and always have them at hand.

For advertising

Flyer &

A useful and versatile tool for your communication.

Flyers are ideal for both commercial flyers and advertising events or services.

The flyers / leaflets, thanks to its small size, are convenient to be left inside the shops to advertise your business.

Do you need anything else?

We are here
for you.

Mentioning all the products is very long, therefore, write us for any idea you come up with, we leave you a small list of services not listed below!

Logo design – logo restyling – brochures – advertising banners – roll-ups – calendars – pens and much more …

Get on board!

Let's work together.